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Michelle Polizzi

Freelance Writer, Reporter, Editor

I captivate audiences through writing that is informative, thought-provoking, and results-driven.

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How Internet Access is Helping a CSA Tackle Local Food Justice | Innovators Peak

“The children were allowed to taste the vegetables, and that helped the health food education issue, but it still didn’t address the issue of access.” How a student-professor team worked together to address critical local farming issues in Denver.

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The Street Kings Bicycle Congregation Collaborate One Ride At A Time | Innovators Peak

Despite the fact that Denver is host to a number of niche biking groups, some born from Denver Cruisers and some not, the SKBC takes pride in establishing a supportive, non-exclusive atmosphere–no premium fixies or handlebar mustaches required.

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My Way To Go: Trip Planner Rewards Mile-High Commuters with Convenience and Cappuccinos | Innovators Peak

Way To Go uses mapping and scheduling technology to provide Denver residents with reliable, environmentally friendly ways to get around.

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Advlo Connects Adventure-Seekers with Local Guides Worldwide | Innovators Peak

If paragliding over Oregon’s Hood River and snorkeling in the azure waters of a Grecian island seem like appealing travel adventures, imagine doing them all with a local expert by your side. Advlo, or Adventure Local, is a Colorado startup website which seeks to enrich such experiences by connecting worldwide travelers with local hosts at a lower cost than traditional tourism agencies.

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Colorado Proud: Three Must-See Businesses At Startup Week | Innovators Peak

Learning about Colorado’s successful ventures is one of the best ways to support the startup community. Grace Skis, Soundwall and Occipital are three companies that continue to create innovative products within three uniquely different markets, all with the Rocky Mountains as their backdrop.

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Eight User-Friendly Steps to Entering the #DBCExplorer Challenge | Innovators Peak

Eight User-Friendly Steps to Entering the #DBCExplo...