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Michelle Polizzi

Freelance Writer, Reporter, Editor

I captivate audiences through writing that is informative, thought-provoking, and results-driven.

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Pumpkin spice latte 830x524 article

How Pumpkin Spice Conquered America & 3 Marketing Tips Anyone Can Use

Why is America so smitten with pumpkin spice? To answer this question, we’ll look at the beginning of the pumpkin spice craze and the key marketing tactics which helped it flourish.

Jj article

Destination Branding: 3 Ways to Master Travel Marketing

Destination branding is a marketing concept that involves communicating the feelings, culture, and overall mindset people experience when visiting a place.

Blue bulb article

11 Inspirational Design Articles to Elevate Your Thinking

Spanning everything from app interactions to modern web design monotony, these reads are sure to help you see age-old problems in a new light.

Screen shot 2016 07 13 at 10.37.55 am article

How to Find Your Brand Voice in 5 Easy Steps | Brandfolder Blog

Finding the Brandfolder brand voice wasn’t easy, but it was so insightful that we decided to share all the lessons we learned along way. Here’s how you can build your brand voice in five easy steps.

Nature laptop outside macbook article

Reworking Work: The Future of Collaboration

How cloud-based tools transform modern work.

Screen shot 2016 04 24 at 2.15.41 pm article

The Essential Guide to Perfecting Your Next Product Launch | Brandfolder

A guide to launching products in the retail space. Responsible for eBook copy, design, and promotion.

Lush kitchen photographer richard skins 1024x576 article

LUSH: How a Brand Balances Ethics With Profit | Brandfolder

Brandi Halls, Director of Brand Communications at LUSH, explains how the company maintains a deep relationship with sustainability, animal rights, and fair trade ingredients, all while boasting high profits.


Why Emotion Matters in B2B Marketing (and 3 Tips Any Brand Can ...

A look at the most important emotions used in B2B marketing strategies, and how you can apply them in your own work.

Thq oct2014 3 1024x683 article

Forget Logos and Taglines, Threadless Built a Brand on Community ...

Brandfolder sat down with three members of the Threadless corporate team—UX Director Billy Carlson, Community Manager Jess Hanebury and Creative Director Craig Shimala—to get an inside look at their brand, company culture, and office décor.

Jamaica marley coffee 3929 1024x682 article

Marley Coffee: Rethinking a Family Legacy | Brandfolder Blog

When Rohan Marley bought 52 acres of fertile farmland in Jamaica, he had no idea that he would someday use it to harvest coffee. Fifteen years and 6 million dollars later, Marley Coffee® is setting high standards for sustainability and charity in the industry—helping Rohan create a legacy all his own.

Got lineup v6 1 1024x607 article

HBO and Ommegang: The Perfect Brand Partnership

HBO and Ommegang: The Perfect Brand Partnership

Screen shot 2015 09 28 at 5.18.07 pm article

Material Design: The Foundation for a More Powerful Brand

Material Design: The Foundation for a More Powerful Brand

Infinite monkey theorem article

The Infinite Monkey Theorem: Branding an Urban Winery ...

The Infinite Monkey Theorem: Branding an Urban Wine...

Onken 140410 juiceservedhere 019 1024x682 article

How Product Design Promotes Profit | Brandfolder Blog

How Product Design Promotes Profit | Brandfolder Bl...

Minim article

Is Minimalist Design Right for Your Brand? | Brandfolder Blog

Is Minimalist Design Right for Your Brand? | Brandf...